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Around Danbury and Little Baddow

Book One

The book explores the early history, the settlements and the people in Danbury, Little Baddow and the surrounding villages and hamlets. There are many beautiful buildings, old manor houses, inns, mills, churches and old houses with many interesting and important people connected with them. The pages are filled with paintings, photographs and maps to illustrate this.

The villages are surrounded by beautiful landscapes of woodland, common land, parkland and farmland with a wide range of flora and fauna, much of which is also featured.

Book Two

Continues exploring the characteristic properties of local houses, shops and buildings and the people who occupied them. There is a chapter tracing the early education of children in the village schools. Another chapter depicts the development of local farming throughout history.

The chapter on military conflicts looks at the involvement of the villages in the Napoleonic and the two World Wars, with many large army camps being situated in the area.

Book Three

As in books one and two there are more old houses and buildings featured, with a whole chapter on trades and shops now long gone.

Further chapters continue the farming theme and expand on the war effort in the villages.

Personal recollections are documented in a further chapter.

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