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Sharpy the Crocodile stories


1 Sharpy at the Dentist

2 Sharpy in the Park

3 Sharpy and the Telephone

4 Sharpy bakes a Cake

5 Sharpy and the Disco

6 Sharpy and the Christmas Tree

7 Sharpy goes on Holiday

8 Sharpy and the Midnight Barbecue

9 Sharpy falls in Love




These stories are about a naughty crocodile who befriends a little girl called Erin. His name is Sharpy and he is Erin’s secret friend. He is always getting into mischief and poor Erin gets the blame.

He is a very loveable funny character, but always ends up in the wars, until the very last story when the last sentence does not finish with “Poor old Sharpy” but “Lucky old Sharpy".

The books are suitable for children from 2-3 years to 8 years old. The aim is for the children to be read to and then as they get older to start to read them with help and finally independently. They are hand–made books, each page is in a plastic cover so they wont get ruined easily.

These books are £6 each.

Please see contact page for details on how to purchase these books and other items.