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1 The Three Frogs who didnít like Water

2 Further Adventures of the Three Frogs who

didnít like Water

Freddie, Frieda and Frankie are three frogs who will do anything to avoid WATER. They hate it. They are very naughty and get up to lots of mischief and torment all the brothers and sisters including mum and dad and granny frog too.

£6 Each

The Christmas Robin

This is a story about a robin who was all by herself with no other birds to cuddle around in the cold, cold snow. She found a hole in a roof where she crept into and found a place in the Christmas tree to sleep and to get warm. She was so happy she started to sing in the morning and that was where the little girl found her. This was the start of a new friendship

£6 Each

The Treasure Hunt

This story is for children slightly older because there are some simple clues to solve. The children in this story get so good at solving clues they form a detective agency and start to solve other mysteries

£7 Each

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