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The book: "Around Danbury & Little Baddow"

This book is about the villages of Danbury and Little Baddow and the surrounding area. It includes a chapter on Bicknacre and Gay Bowers. Each page has coloured illustrations and photographs of the villages as they are today with approximately one hundred paintings, one hundred and fifty photographs and thirty maps and diagrams.

The text contains some of the history, with stories and legends dating from William the Conqueror to the present day. Many local inhabitants were involved in the much wider environment and helped shape our country; many were involved with the aristocracy and the Royal Family.

Both villages were under the manorial system and many of the old buildings continue to provide homes today.

Some of the Parkland was shaped many years ago and has changed very little. The area has wonderful wood and heath land, much of it protected, so the beauty has been maintained. I hope that this book captures some of the ethos of the people, the buildings and the environment of the villages.

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