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Here are a few examples of my paintings. I love to paint with water colours because of its freshness and transparency.

I occasionally dabble with other mediums but always come back to water colours.Since digital photography became so popular I have enjoy discovering the Essex and London scenes. I prefer to paint from a photograph, I find painting outside frustrating because of the weather, the changing light and shadow the discomforts, the insects  and I always knock over my water pot!

I often take as many as 100 photographs  on a trip and reduce it down to just a few and then decide on the scene I want to paint.

I love painting coastal scenes, particularly Thames barges which are popular in Maldon and Heybridge Basin. I paint regularly with a group of painters in Heybridge Basin and have been much influenced by the local artist Mike Lang. Another popular artist who has greatly helped my work is Ashley Bryant who has a magnificent studio in Wethersfield, Essex.

I also adore painting flowers and have had many commissions, particularly for my poppies. I am often referred to as the “poppy lady”.


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