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Reviews of "Around Danbury & Little Baddow"

"I am thoroughly enjoying the copy of your book that I got from the History Centre. Itís a real treasure - a fascinating read and I just love the illustrations. Our supply at the History Centre went like hot-cakes." Little Baddow

"Have had a quick look at your book - its great - I am really looking forward to reading it properly. A superb effort. Does one award you a house point or a gold star or don't they do that anymore!" Trevor Neale, Danbury

"I have bought a copy of the book and am telling friends to buy! Well done for getting it into print." Little Baddow

"The book arrived yesterday and I couldnít put it down. Tell your friend she has a big fan in California. Her artwork is truly outstanding. I sure learned a lot about your part of Essex. Kudos to her for publishing this gem." S. Begley, California

Quote from a local entertainer: "This book is a superb and refreshing look at a historic part of Essex, obviously well researched and beautifully illustrated. The wealth of hand-painted subjects and descriptive text sets a high standard of presentation that all similar books should emulate."

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